Yellow taxis are a common means of transportation in Santiago de Chile and can be a convenient option for getting around the city. Here are some tips for using yellow taxis in Santiago safely and efficiently:

Identify official taxis: Official yellow taxis in Santiago have a yellow roof and a black body, with a sign on the roof that says “TAXI” and an identification plate on the front door. Make sure to use official taxis to ensure safe transportation and avoid possible scams.

Use taxi apps or request a taxi from a hotel: You can use taxi apps like Easy Taxi or ask hotel staff to get you a taxi. This can help you get a reliable taxi and avoid unofficial taxis that could overcharge you.

Agree on the fare before starting the trip: Although most taxis in Santiago have meters, it is a good practice to agree on the fare before starting the trip to avoid misunderstandings and surprises. You can ask the driver how much the trip will cost approximately and, if possible, confirm the fare using a mapping app on your mobile phone.

Consider rush hour and traffic: Traffic in Santiago can be intense, especially during rush hour. Keep this in mind when planning your taxi trip, as it could affect the duration and cost of the trip.

Carry local currency in cash: Make sure to carry enough cash in Chilean pesos to pay for the taxi, as many taxis do not accept credit cards. Also, it is helpful to carry small denomination bills to facilitate payment and change.

Keep your valuables safe: Like in any other means of transportation, it is important to keep your valuables out of sight and close to you while in a taxi.

Verify the address before departing: Make sure the driver is clear on the address you are heading to. You can use mapping apps on your phone to confirm the address and verify that the driver follows the correct route.

By following these tips, you can use yellow taxis in Santiago de Chile safely and efficiently.

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